5 x Why we use Social Media

The Hearse & Limo Company has been very active on Social Media for years. Customers and other interested parties follow us daily via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And through appealing blogs we tell more about our company. We can see that this is appreciated by the figures and reactions. No fewer than five and a half thousand people follow our company every day. And this number is steadily increasing. Here are five reasons why we choose:

We share knowledge

Since the founding of The Hearse & Limo Company, now part of Derks Autogroep, Marc van Ravensteijn has been happy to share his knowledge about funeral cars and everything related to them. He stood at the cradle of developments such as the “Hearse-deck” and things that you as a customer can take advantage of, such as international trade fairs and factory visits.

There is something to laugh about

The funeral industry is serious. People are assisted during difficult moments. However, that does not mean that there is no humor. That is why we like to show entertaining such as special fun cars from home and abroad through our channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Do you remember the message on Facebook about VACA, the Mexican bodybuilder who builds exceptional cars?

You follow national and international developments in the industry

The Hearse & Limo Company is actively involved in the construction and refurbishment of cars it sells so that you always drive the most perfect one for your company. That is why it is aware of all developments in the field of funeral cars. Examples are those in the field of Green Hearses. Under this label we carry out funeral transport on green gas and hybrid models or even fully electric vehicles.

You get to know us

As humans, we prefer to do business personally with other people and not so much with anonymous companies. That is why we like to put our employees in the spotlight. In this way we get to know each other and that, combined with our great knowledge & expertise, creates a close relationship of trust. A satisfied customer says: “Marc helped me super well, helped me think through and closely looked at my wishes. It feels very familiar. During our conversations it was also very pleasant, because of his experience Marc knows what he is talking about. Keep it up, I will definitely come back to you with the next purchase of a funeral car.” The score of 9.5 speaks volumes.

You can put your own company in the spotlight

If you buy a car at The Hearse & Limo Company, you will also benefit from our activities on Social Media. We are happy to record the delivery of your vehicle on photo and place it on our Facebook page. Shiny car, big smile: the many reactions are heart-warming. And this also provides your own company with extra free exposure and brand recognition. A nice interaction when doing business!

Compile your own funeral vehicle

Your funeral car becomes really functional when it is adjusted to the specific activities of your funeral company. That is why we offer you the possibility to compile your own funeral vehicle with the specifications that suits your business in the best way.

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