Cadillac: for historic and modern charm

It has been one of the most popular funeral car brands for years: Cadillac. They were always superior in terms of space. To the eye, they looked more like ridiculous situations on wheels. Today, the American brand distinguishes itself very emphatically and with the grace of its European competitors. And gives that extra touch that is needed for the right funeral style. Cadillac: for historic and modern charm!

He comes to rest long, stately and worthy. American limousines make that extra impression. That is because of the craftsmanship of master designers. The test of time has no control over them. For decades, the Cadillac brand has not only counted many, many American presidents among its loyal fans. Rock stars like and often sing the legendary brand. Elvis Presley bought a hundred of them in his days of life. And even our own Royal family likes to be transported in its own Cadillac DTS limousine in Royal Blue on official occasions.

Superior hearses

The smooth, impressive lines in combination with the gigantic interior space are the deciding factors for many funeral directors to choose a Cadillac or Lincoln. As a funeral car, they are weighted, strengthened and the transmission receives different shift moments. This results in superior driving and use qualities. The compliments from customers speak volumes. Moreover, the brand can be built and rebuilt in many variations. With which you can respond to individual needs. For example, delivery with back door or tailgate, as a Landau version or with different types of windows.

Beautiful, smooth lines

The Hearse & Limo Company is the official dealer of Superior and S&S Coach. It is the builders who give these American brands their great reputation as a funeral car. Why? Because only they distinguish themselves with round lines in the bodywork. Which means that the cars exude not only historical but also modern charm. The Hearse & Limo Company not only supplies new but also all kinds of used models in different colors. The cars are always delivered in top condition with a new (2017) Dutch registration. We can also take care of the Belgian registration.

Fast driving, super service

Do you need a Hearse quickly? This is possible because The Hearse & Limo Company has many used cars in stock. Maintenance and repairs are carried out by experienced engineers in the Bosch workshop. And is a component required? Then there is an extremely short delivery time, because we can order the parts directly in America. In the meantime, of course, a rental car is available.

These pearls are regularly found in our model stock:

The Cadillac Fleetwood is a car for the funeral director who honors old values. The model was built between 1993-1996 and was the last rear-wheel drive Full Size Cadillac. The large chrome panels on the side and the shiny chrome bumpers make the model very recognizable. Under the hood is a beautiful V8 with a capacity of 5700 cc.

The Cadillac DeVille rolled off the band in the late 1990s. It was the first front-wheel drive Cadillac and has plastic bumpers. As a beating heart, he received the Northstar V8 with a capacity of 4600 cc. This engine was in the top 10 of Ward’s Best Engines for many years, a prize from the renowned American car magazine. The younger Cadillac DeVille, which saw the light of day in the early 2000s, is front-wheel drive and has this Northstar engine under the hood.

The Cadillac DTS comes from the model series that was built between 2006-2012. It is front wheel driven and equipped with the legendary Northstar V8 with 4600 cc. Still favorite of many drivers.

The Cadillac XTS has everything the heart of a modern funeral director desires, and more. The silent 3.6 liter engine delivers 224 Kw.

Compile your own funeral vehicle

Your funeral car becomes really functional when it is adjusted to the specific activities of your funeral company. That is why we offer you the possibility to compile your own funeral vehicle with the specifications that suits your business in the best way.

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