Efficient design

Talk about efficient design

“Listen carefully to the end user.” That is the secret of the Special Construction department of Derks Funeral Mobility – The Hearse & Limo Company. Every time they take up the challenge to meet even the most special renovation needs.

The requirements that good funeral transport must meet – whether it is a state car or a transfer car – are changing. Entrepreneurs in the funeral world adapt to their customers and therefore the transport must be arranged as flexibly as possible. Director Ruud Derks says: “Adjusting funeral transport has such challenges. We are not afraid of special assignments because we have already successfully completed a lot. With us you can choose from a number of basic elements on which we then release our creativity. And does a certain element not yet exist? Then we develop that ourselves.”

Dialogue with customer

Because there are fewer and fewer standard sizes and designs, Derks Uitvaartmobiliteit is happy to respond. How they prefer to do that? “By entering into a dialogue with the customer,” explains Ruud Derks. “We even prefer to sit at the table with the end user. After all, they work with the vehicles daily and know what is the most efficient.

Convert wishes

As cremation instead of a funeral is increasingly being chosen, the demand for adapted urn transport is also increasing. As well as the demand for convenient transportation of, for example, obese boxes for heavier deceased people. At Derks Uitvaartmobiliteit, all wishes are converted into solutions. “When it comes to urns, we can supply simple clamps, but also beautifully upholstered platforms with atmospheric lighting. People in America are at the forefront of this, where we draw plenty of inspiration. ”

Fully multifunctional

Abroad, too, has discovered the innovative approach of Derks Uitvaartmobiliteit – The Hearse & Limo Company. Ruud Derks says: “We have customers from Africa who have very different applications for their funeral cars. For example, after the crate has been transported, they want to be able to adjust the floor to a room with seats. So that a funeral car is both transfer and follow-up transport and is therefore fully multifunctional. We take care of this project with love and ensure that the vehicle meets all practical and safety requirements.”

Compile your own funeral vehicle

Your funeral car becomes really functional when it is adjusted to the specific activities of your funeral company. That is why we offer you the possibility to compile your own funeral vehicle with the specifications that suits your business in the best way.

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