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No matter how beautiful, elongated, useful and stylish they are, many independent mourning entrepreneurs do not want to take their work home literally all the time. Park a traditional funeral car in front of your door and everyone is constantly reminded of sad moments. So what do you do if you work in the funeral industry and you drive the car every day? And also want to watch your costs? Exactly yes: purchase a multi-usable, discrete transfer trolley, such as the Lancia Voyager. This stylish Italian is always in unobtrusive costume in front of your door, incognito as a gigantically spacious transfer car, and neat state car in one. Because it is easily recognizable with vinyl window panels, Landau bars and flags.

Discreet disguise

There are currently two used at The Hearse & Limo Company to show off. The dark gray Lancia Voyager from the year of construction 2013 (photo above) can continue as a family car and although an impressive 3.6 liter V6 “heart” is displayed under the hood, it drinks moderately: it runs on LPG. It is equipped with a vending machine that helps with jerkless driving and can be leased for less than 300 euros a month. Also a black Chrysler Grand Voyager from 2008 is in the starting blocks with Marc van Ravensteijn (photo below). This Italian in American disguise is also equipped as a transfer car, drinks LPG and is, as one is used to from the Americans, equipped with all conveniences such as navigation system and climate control.


News from the US

Marc van Ravensteijn noticed that the market for transfer cars is in a state of flux when he recently visited the funeral in the U.S.A. visited. There he spotted the successor of the Voyager, the Chrysler Pacifica and the latest Buick Hearse. “The Hearse & Limo Company is supplier of both cars,” Marc explains. “The Buick has been extended about 25 centimeters behind the rear axle, and furthermore looks like a funeral car. He has kept his original wheelbase but still has a floor length of 2.30 meters. I especially liked the finish; different types of vinyl and fabric have been used and that looked very luxurious and complete. We can deliver this Buick roadworthy for € 83,000 ex VAT / ex bpm. The Chrysler Pacifica is not extended, so the floor is shorter than the Buick’s. This makes this car, just like its predecessor, very good to use as a multi-purpose all-rounder. After all, you choose yourself whether you make it stand out as a funeral car or used as an incognito transfer car. ”

Compile your own funeral vehicle

Your funeral car becomes really functional when it is adjusted to the specific activities of your funeral company. That is why we offer you the possibility to compile your own funeral vehicle with the specifications that suits your business in the best way.

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