Net Operational Lease

Do you want to arrange things like repair, maintenance and insurance yourself? Then Netto Operational Lease is the ideal lease form for you. The most important difference with Full Operational Lease is the fact that with this form of leasing you can take care of the operational management of your car yourself.

At Net Operational Lease the vehicle is not on your balance sheet but at The Hearse & Limo Company, so that you can optimally use your liquidity position for your company. Just as with a financial lease, the costs for repairs, maintenance and insurance are for your own account. The residual value risk lies with The Hearse & Limo Company.

If you want to buy the car at the end of the contract, a purchase option is offered. You are not committed to this, you can use this option.

The main benefits of Net Operational Lease at The Hearse & Limo Company

  • 25 years of experience in corporate mobility;
  • Choice of various brands and models of hearses, both new and used;
  • We have our own workshop;
  • Full service and continuity of transport;
  • Everything is arranged with one phone call;
  • Personal contact;
  • One monthly invoice with a fixed amount;
  • No surprises afterwards;
  • Your financial resources remain available for business operations.

If you have other mobility needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will then be happy to put together a specific mobility package for you.

Do you prefer to include maintenance and insurance in the contract? That is of course also possible with the Full Operational Lease lease form.

Personal contact with our specialists

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  • Production within our own supervision
  • Repairs and maintenance in our own workshop
  • Service, sales and leasing by our own specialists