From sole proprietor  to Derks Automotive group


Car company Jack Derks and Derks Specialties

After the completion of the HTS Automotive technique, it became serious in 1991 for Jack Derks: the workshop in the barn of his parents in Schaijk became an official automobile company. Initially still as a repair and maintenance company but soon the specialism commercial vehicles followed and the company had to move to a larger location in 1994.

In the meanwhile his brother Ruud graduated from Universtity and had been active at a more technical level for quite some time within the company. Therefore the brothers decided in 1999 to start a new enterprise next to the car company. This became a bodywork company specialized in the construction, installation and adaptation of commercial vehicles.


Derks Vans

Since both companies had more growth potential within a few years, it was decided to merge the companies and continue in one common location. Since 2004 this combined company is housed in Uden and focusses on providing total functional mobility for a wide range of customers, with one very important feature: all specific disciplines are combined under the same roof.

The current company is fully specialized in the market of light commercial vehicles and offers a complete package of sales/ lease, production, repair and maintenance in it’s own facilities.


Derks Automotive Group

The company itself aims at specific product groups in which they operate at the top of the market.
Derks Automotive Group has a strong position in the market of refrigerated and freezer vans, since these are built and maintained entirely indoors.
The same applies for disability transport; the workshops are fully equiped for the adaptation of vehicles for the transport of disabled or wheelchair-bounded passengers.

With the acquisition of The Hearse & Limo Company in 2016, the market for funeral vehicles was incorporated within Derks Funeral Mobility.
However the company was already familiar with these products for a long time; in 1999 the first transfer vehicles and hearses were built in the workshop of Derks Specialties.

The last discipline which was added to the Derks Automotive Group in 2016 was an own Leasing company with the emphasis on functional mobility. Derks Lease is fully specialized in the leasing of commercial vehicles, from financial, short to full operational lease.

In short:

At the location in Uden, the company is fully equiped with a team of about 25 specialists. This personel contains the same sense of service and quality the two brothers felt necessary at the beginning of their entreprises.

Always on the road, always stylish. Therefore Derks.

Personal contact with our specialists

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  • Production within our own supervision
  • Repairs and maintenance in our own workshop
  • Service, sales and leasing by our own specialists