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European reliability, that’s what you get when you choose one of our Mercedes-Benz models. Thanks to our years of expertise and knowledge of these vehicles, it is possible to offer these vehicles both completely new but also used with a new design.

The latter can be very interesting for you in terms of price.



We are very proud the be the sales respondent for IndusAuto in Europa. The name Indus is about craftmanship, innovation and knowledge about hearse modification in the widest sense. To give you an insight in the high quality standards of IndusAuto we are pleased to show you the following fabrication movie:




Indus Eneexis 5-doors

The Eneexis is characterized by its modern, slender and low line with large glass surfaces; a true revolution in the funeral world. This unique line is completely made of fibre with great characteristics in terms of finish and detail.

The Eneexis is available in 2 variants, both in a 3-door and 5-door version.
The 3-doors version is euiped with small doors to reach the storage room under the floor.
The 5-doors version is equiped with larger doors which allows you to reach both the storag as the coffinroom.

An impression of the 5-doors version is given below:


Standard version – interior

  • Luxurious partition wall with/ without window – patched with HPL and inox parts
  • Sliding floor- mechanical on fixed height, patched with HPL – design
  • Sliding floor accommodated with DNR hearseparts, distribution to be decided
  • Sidewalls left and right composite or upholstered with vinyl and accommodated with LED-bars
  • Ceiling in composite accommodated with LED-spots
  • Complete side doors with storage bins or open spaces
  • Low roofline with big panorama glasses for a modern look

Optional with this version (ex works)

  • Electrical curtains and design panels for side and hatch windows
  • Defog system in the coffin room
  • Inos flower racks turnable/ extractable
  • Drawer under floor at side doors
  • Roof railing

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